Why Teachlink

Built for Educators. By Educators.

As a Principal of Horizons High School, and previously a teacher at Lake Linden—Hubbell School district for 12 years, co-founder Joel Asiala felt he was constantly doing paperwork to meet state and regulatory compliance. Joel saw a need for change in the way paperwork was handled, met with Benda Engineering to discuss his concept, and a product was born.

Teachlink combines the required components for compliance and brings them into the 21st century, linking teachers and administrators through easy to use forms, providing online digital submissions and approvals, and streamlining the compliance process in a paperless manner. Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), Lesson Plans, Discipline Referrals, Call Logs and Evaluations, each of which can be viewed quickly by the users to see their status.

One Login, Easy Compliance — That is our mission.

TeachLink partnered up with local schools in the Copper Country of Michigan, leveraging millions of hours of experience to plan, develop, deploy and test the software. Feedback was taken and implemented to get the users what they saw as key components, and we continue to take suggestions and feedback to make our software even better.

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