All of your compliance items to one, easy to use, place

Student Learning Objectives (Student Growth Data) FREE

Easily add students from your classes, add standards you are tracking from our standards finder, fill out required information, and enter test score data. Tests are scored with your choice of many different formulas allowing for flexibility in your scoring. Once your SLO is done, easily submit the report to administrators for approval through the site. It's that easy.

Common Core Standards FREE

We use standards from the Common Standards Project which allows our system to always have the latest standards. The Common Standards Project also allows us to make changes to the database so if there are any missing or incorrect standard sets they can be added or changed as needed.

File Management FREE

Host your files in the cloud allowing for easy access from anywhere. Already use a cloud service? You can also easily add links to files in places like Dropbox or Google Drive that can then be used in the TeachLink system. Free plan includes 2GB of file storage, TeachLink Pro starts at 5GB.

Lesson Plans PRO

An essential part of any teacher's day is lesson planning. We aimed to keep this feature simple and clean while still being very powerful. Easily add standards, attachments, and send home links for parents to see the plans at home. We are also working on unit planning and standards tracking to allow you to easily track your progress throughout the year.

Discipline Referrals PRO

Discipline referrals are never fun but at least they can now be easy. Quickly fill out the referral form and send it out. Once the receipient receives the referral they either request revisions or fill out their half of the form and approve it. Since these records are databased, we can use analytics to determine where problems are arising for a specific student or the school as a whole.

Contact Logs PRO

Track contacts in this easy to use logger. Whenever you make a call home, email a parent, etc. you can simply log when the contact was, who was contacted, and what the contact was about. It is important to keep a record of parent contacts, this simple feature adds it to the same software that you are using for everything else.

Evaluations PRO

IDPs, Annual Goals, Observations, and more! Tie everything together with our evaluation package (included in TeackLink Pro if you are part of a school). A streamlined easy to use process gives you an overview of the year and allows Teachers and Administrators to stay up to date on what is going on. The evalaution package integrates with the other features such as SLOs and Lesson Plans to give make evaluations a breeze.

Analytics PRO

We are working to build out our analytics package to help you analyze many aspects of your school in one software. Currently you can break down by school and student but we are planning to keep building out this aspect of TeachLink.

SLOs are always free, TeachLink Pro comes with a 30 day free trial!

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